Adrienne Lance Lucas Chairs Kingonomics [Sprout.Up] BootCamp For Youth

Adrienne Lance Lucas is a Principal and Chief Operating Officer of ICG Real Estate Advisors, LLC, a private equity commercial real estate fund with over $200 Million in managed assets. She helped the company grow from $0 to nearly $75 Million in only 18 months with the company’s first fund, Inheritance Capital Group, LLC, which raised funds from public pension funds to acquire single tenant, triple net leased properties. The company’s second fund, ICG Leaseback Fund I, LLC, executed a strategic acquisition of a portfolio of key GM warehouses which leases survived the GM bankruptcy. She is currently managing a small residential distressed asset “vulture” fund to capture value that remains in the city of Detroit. Ms. Lance Lucas continues to dive deeper into the real estate market as ICG plans to launch their third fund which will focus on the acquisition of multifamily units and senior housing assets across the country.

Ms. Lance Lucas is also the President and Founder of the K.E.N.O. (Kid Entrepreneurs Need Opportunities) Micro-Fund. Through this fund, Ms. Lance Lucas provides opportunities for children around the world to learn financial literacy and business skills early in life and launch and run their own businesses. The goal of this social enterprise is to eliminate poverty by teaching self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship.


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