Two Hundred Million Dollar Australian Fund Manager, Dave Hodgson, Confirmed To Appear At Kingonomics 2013

Dave grew up in Africa during the turbulent ’60s and ’70s. As a child, he attended boarding school from the age of 5 yrs, which caused him to suffer great rejection. After completing his schooling, Dave was conscripted into the Rhodesian Army at age 17 and joined the SAS. He fought behind enemy lines against two armies across three countries for four years.

Following his time in the SAS, Dave joined the highly secretive Selous Scouts and fought undercover with that unit and served as a Tracking Instructor for a further four years. He then left the Special Forces and fought as a mercenary for two years.

Forced to leave Zimbabwe and stateless, Dave became a commercial saturation diver in the oil fields of South East Asia and Japan. Eventually he immigrated to Australia, where he came to know the Lord Jesus during an amazing encounter with the Lord at a Reinhart Bonke Crusade in Perth, ending 30 years of rejection.

These days, Dave is the Founder and CEO of the Paladin Group of Companies which controls over $200 million worth of Business Acquisitions and sophisticated Private Equity Investments. Paladin is at the forefront of Financial Engineering and with its unique, patented Capital Guarantee; Dave ensures that Paladin Monetizer Fund is “the head and not the tail”.

Dave has spent the last eight years obedient to the prophetic word over his life, funding strategic areas of the Kingdom of God, activating others to do the same, and counselling the Kings to impact our culture through their marketplace ministry.

In 2007 Dave founded Kingdom Investors, a marketplace ministry which is domiciled at CityEdge Church on the Sunshine Coast and has spread around Australia. Dave teaches Biblical principles which are pertinent to the business world. He is a regular speaker at business conferences and churches across Australia and Overseas, and lectures at University of Queensland for the Compass program.


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