Sue Malone, The Nation’s Top Small Business Lender [32,000+ Loans Funded], Confirmed To Speak At @Kingonomics. Learn The Steps To Getting An SBA Backed Loan in One Week With No Collateral. On-Site Applications Will Be Available To All Registrants. Veterans Especially.

President, Strategies for Small Business
President & CEO, National Lien Law
Real Estate Executive & Entrepreneur
Number One Provider of the SBA Community Express Loan Program
Number One Provider of the SBA Patriot Express Program

Ms. Malone is an extraordinary success story. Early in her career, Ms. Malone spearheaded the nation’s first for-profit and not-for-profit ice cream parlor, Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, in Oakland, California — a project that taught inner city teenagers to operate a business while concurrently turning a profit in its first year. She was the very first woman parking facility operator in the United States, overseeing seven highly lucrative concerns in San Francisco. Additionally, Ms. Malone crafted the branding and merchandising for the World Figure Skating Championships, delivering sales over $369,000 in just three days. As national chair of The American Cancer Society National Gala Task Force, she has helped raised over $13 million dollars. And, for over ten years, Ms. Malone served as CFO and Vice President of a renowned commercial and industrial real estate firm in Northern California.

Her impressive accomplishments prompted companies nationwide to seek out Ms. Malone for growth-stage guidance and crisis-stage rejuvenation. In every case, Ms. Malone delivered results: avoiding all bankruptcies for those in distress, and successfully advancing others during critical transformations.  Her consulting experiences led her to become President and CEO of National Lien Law, the premier service network assisting contractors across the country.  This striking composite of detailed operational experience sparked Ms. Malone’s passion to expand capital access for small business.

Therefore, since the inception of both the SBA Community Express Loan Program in 2002, and the SBA Patriot Express Program in 2007, Ms. Malone, through Superior Financial Group, has been the number one lender by volume for both programs — for every single year. In so doing, Ms. Malone has funded over 32,000 SBA Community Express and Patriot loans, an achievement simply unrivaled in the industry.

Inspired by her respect for Veterans, Ms. Malone has chaired the finance panel at the annual Veterans’ Affairs Small Business Conference, and she continues to focus on providing Veteran entrepreneurs the best opportunities to obtain capital.


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