Arthur Toole III [Innovator of Wealth Creation System] Confirmed To Speak @Kingonomics

Arthur Toole III’s personal belief is, “Everyone who desires to be wealthy deserves to be and I aim to make it a reality for them.”

The best thing about Arthur Toole III’s career is that he can focus on one thing: to make people wealthy.  After 11 years of service in the U. S. Army, he received his Master’s in Business Administration in Finance from Clark Atlanta University.  He subsequently served on the Portfolio Analytics team at Citigroup before being recruited to lead teams in the Financial Advice and Solutions Group at USAA.  Still sensing that the system of building wealth was broken and unavailable to far too many people, he took the opportunity to create and launch Billionaire Investor Group LLC, the first ever wealth creation company.  Its singular focus is making its clients wealthy through the education of its exclusive Wealth Creation System.  In addition, he serves as the founder of the Arthur Toole Foundation.  This foundation provides scholarships to high school seniors in underserved communities as well as teaching youth and young adults how to invest, trade, and start their business. He also serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the Young Entrepreneurs, Africa, a non-profit organization that concentrates on increasing the number of successful young entrepreneurs in Ghana.  His passion for wealth creation has led him to become a highly sought after speaker for various venues including churches, local businesses, non-profits, and universities.

In addition to career and community involvement, Arthur spends time with his beautiful wife Danette and they are the proud parents of 4 children: Kristian, Isabel, Lauryn, and Jathan.

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