Patrick Howell [Publisher of California Financial Times & San Diego Investment Conference Confirmed as Invest.Up Bootcamp Moderator

Patrick  Howell, Publisher of The California Financial Times and current Executive Director of the San Diego Investment Conference (SDIC).  SDIC is the cornerstone organization for the West Coast Wall Street Conference, Beverly Hills Investment Conference, International Investment Conference of Miami and California Financial Times.  Prior to SDIC, Patrick served with his mentor Gary E. Bryant as Executive Vice President of Business Development with Newport Capital Consultants, a consultant with the Southern California Investment Assoication and a founding member of Southwest Investment Association in Dallas, Texas. With Newport Capital Consultants, he worked significantly in investment relations with companies as Earth Energy Reserves (a Denver based company with onshore operations in Northern Louisiana extracting natural gas from coal bed methane), taking them on a ‘dog and pony’ show throughout Southern California to the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach and Symphony Towers in San Diego assisting to raise their initial $1.5MM.

Prior to Newport Capital Consultants, Patrick worked nearly 15 years in financial markets from Market Street, San Francisco to Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego) to Wall Street in global and Fortune 500 companies as Wells Fargo, BNP Paribus, RR Donnelley Financial, Fleet Boston Financial (Bank of America) and Africa Connects International in capacities as varied as entrepreneur, financial advisor, branch manager and business banker.  Patrick attended the University of California at Berkeley as a standout writer and entreprenuer, contributing to the Daily Cal and African American Literary Journal and founding the campus newsmagazine, “Diatribe – A People of Color News Collective”.


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