King children unite to fight against KINGONOMICS

Trademark Kingonomics


Based on the book inspired by the economic ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as interpreted through the lens of Rodney Sampson – an innovator, serial entrepreneur, investor, author and consecrated bishop, KINGONOMICS is the definitive consciousness, roadmap & platform for the eradication of poverty in both reality and the mind.

The definitive mission of KINGONOMICS is to facilitate an economic and institutional platform designed to address poverty and the wealth gap in America and around the world through exposure, education, engagement and access to opportunity in the innovation, entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem.

This is being accomplished by an aggregate of collaborative and interconnected experts, firms, research centers, universities, thought leaders, economists, co-working spaces, code schools, accelerators, incubators, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, advisors and corporates that are presented via KINGONOMICS large scale conferences, intensive trainings, learning programs, classes, courses, curriculum and certification.

Since January 2013, millions have been exposed to KINGONOMICS. Thousands have been educated. KINGONOMICS has helped hundreds of minority and women owned startups and small businesses of color and beyond gain access to affordable debt, angel and venture capital to launch, expand and grow their business. In December 2013, KINGONOMICS was featured on ABC’s hit show, “Sharktank”.

Community by community, startup by startup, cofounder by cofounder, investor by investor, job by job, family by family, the wealth gap is being closed.

Copyright & Trademark

A copyright for the KINGONOMICS manuscript was registered on 12/21/12 with the United States Copyright Office,

A multi-class national and international trademark for KINGONOMICS was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in September 2013 and was published for opposition in December 2014,

KINGONOMICS does not use the likeness, image or intellectual property of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The King children, The King Center & Estate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. continue to fight against Kingonomics

In and around 2008, Rodney Sampson approached Bernice King to be a collaborator on the KINGONOMICS book. She declined to work on the manuscript because she was in a legal battle with her brothers regarding the Estate of Corretta Scott King.

In 2010, Sampson again informed Bernice King that he intended to publish KINGONOMICS. He received no resistance as it was understood that KINGONOMICS wasn’t an infringement on Dr. King’s intellectual property.

In 2012, Sampson met with both Bernice and Dexter King about KINGONOMICS. Neither objected as Bernice stated that “Sampson was prophetic like our dad”. The same year, Dexter set up a meeting with his Advisors in Los Angeles to discuss ways to work together. Dexter was advised during the meeting to work with Sampson.  In the same year, Sampson filed an application with Intellectual Properties, Inc. (the literary agent of record for the Estate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) to use some of Dr. King’s intellectual property in the manuscript. The assigned literary agent was initially excited about working with Sampson on his manuscript as she deemed “the work was as an accurate evolution of King’s economic ideals – had he lived”; but in order to use Dr. King’s actual words in KINGONOMICS, Sampson and the publisher would have to pay the Estate. The amount requested from Intellectual Properties was absurd and Sampson declined to use any of Dr. King’s words in KINGONOMICS.

To that end, KINGONOMICS does not include any of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s intellectual property.

On December 25th, 2012, KINGONOMICS was published by Ben Bella Books.

In January 2013, the King children (via The Estate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) opposed the 1st annual KINGONOMICS conference; yet since Dr. King’s intellectual property was not used, the children’s efforts to have the conference stopped failed.

In January 2014, the King children (via the Estate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) were successful in getting Sony Pictures, ABC and Sharktank to disassociate with KINGONOMICS on the planned Atlanta casting call aimed at attracting and casting more minorities and women of color on the show. This disassociation resulted in a drastic decrease in the number of black owned, minority and women owned startups that would get the opportunity to pitch for much needed capital on the hit ABC show.

In January 2015, the King children (via the Estate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) opposed the KINGONOMICS trademark issued for publication by The United States Patent & Trademark Office.

Because of the King children’s ongoing infighting and litigious bullying against us and our definitive cause, KINGONOMICS has no past, present or future desire to affiliate or partner with the The King Center or The Estate of Dr. Martin Luther King, jr.

Simply put, The King children, The King Center of Estate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. either want KINGONOMICS for themselves or want to thwart its economic mission to disrupt poverty and the wealth gap in America and beyond.

What are your thoughts? What do you think we should do?


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