Based on the best selling book inspired by the economic ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as interpreted through the lens of veteran technology entrepreneur, investor, advisor and consecrated bishop, Rodney Sampson, Kingonomics is the definitive economic impact platform designed to provide exposure, knowledge and opportunities for wealth creation via access to innovation, entrepreneurship and investment.


The definitive mission of Kingonomics is to facilitate an economic impact platform designed to address poverty and the wealth gap via the efficient use of existing and new knowledge and best practices for innovation, entrepreneurship and investment.

This is accomplished by creating an efficient ecosystem of interconnected experts, firms, research centers, universities, thought leaders, economists, incubators, entrepreneurs, investors and advisors that are presented via Kingonomics large scale conferences, intensive trainings, learning programs, courses, curriculum, assessments and certification. Kingonomics launched #WealthMonth in February 2015.

Since, 2013, over 10,000 people have attended Kingonomics conferences in Atlanta and Washington, DC.



KING Sue Judge.jpg


Since January 2013, millions have been exposed to KINGONOMICS. Thousands have been educated via our large scale experiences. With programming focused on “bootstrapping startups”, “capacity building for small and medium size enterprises”, “becoming fundable”, “creating a new capital markets via crowdfunding” and “training the next generation of angel investors”, attendees learn the innovative, entrepreneurial and investment ecosystems while simultaneously getting the opportunity to interact and network with diverse fellow entrepreneurs and accredited investors, angels and venture capitalists. Over 500 youth are empowered by our @SproutUpTreps initiative.

KINGONOMICS has helped hundreds of minority and women owned startups and small businesses of color and beyond gain access to affordable debt, angel and venture capital to launch, expand and grow their business.

In December 2013, KINGONOMICS was featured on ABC’s hit show, “Sharktank”.

Community by community, startup by startup, cofounder by cofounder, investor by investor, job by job, family by family, the wealth gap is being closed for all.


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