ATLANTA | JAN 9-11 | 2014

Sampson Williams Gupta Malone Robinett Judge Tyrell


The three day event brings together leading experts in innovation, entrepreneurship and investment from across the United States and around the world where participants converge live-in-person and online to learn, engage, connect and collaborate. Even more than a cutting-edge event, opportunity.UP (formerly known as Kingonomics) is an experience that leaves all of its attendees and stakeholders enlightened, exposed, enabled, connected, activated and ready to embrace the entrepreneurial and investment process and lifestyle. Participants expect a fully immersive learning and creative experience, where timely knowledge will come from real founders and co-founders of companies, service providers in the business ecosystem, entrepreneurs that have built and sold companies and active investors who grace our platform, or the person sitting in the seat right next to them.


  • Gain exposure to innovative industries and sectors of the future
  • Learn best practices for ideation, customer discovery and execution
  • Learn the entrepreneurial ecosystem and meet the companies and experts that provide these services
  • Learn the investment ecosystem and interact with over 100 active investors
  • Learn the crowd-funding ecosystem and meet investors, companies and causes that are pioneers this emerging new capital markets created by the signing of the JOBS Act on April 5th, 2013


  • Learn how to diversify your investment portfolio, maximize your philanthropy and manage your social media presence
  • Identify potential investment opportunities
  • Connect with fellows investors
  • Help disrupt the access to capital gap in America


  • Theo Ratliff, former NBA player, investor, philanthropist and author confirmed as National Co-Chair
  • opportunity.UP partners with Independent Youth to produce @SproutUpTreps, the definitive innovation, entrepreneurship and investment conference for youth by youth entrepreneurs! Featuring Chloe and Halle Bailey, Bert Gervals, Jake Johnson, Ryan Kelly and Lachian Johnson! Purchase a Trep, Jr. Badge for your teen.


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(registration fees are non-refundable)
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Sponsors provide scholarships for emerging entrepreneurs to attend at a discount of for free.

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