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Where Do We Go From Here?

Diversity at Kingonomics“While Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is often remembered for his dream of and fight for equality and freedom for all, many do not realize how keenly focused he was on economic issues. Dr. King believed that without economic opportunity, we do not have the chance to pursue happiness. It was, in fact, while planning the Poor People’s March, a dramatic stand on economic issues, that his voice was forever silenced. In his final book, Dr. King posed the question, “Where do we go from here?” – a question many of us are asking in today’s unpredictable economy. We believe Kingonomics 2013 offers definitive knowledge, access and opportunity to address today’s economic climate and beyond. We welcome your involvement, collaboration and support.” + Rodney Sampson, Author Kingonomics; Chair, Kingonomics 2013, Atlanta, GA

What To Expect @ Kingonomics

Woman Enaged at KingonomicsKingonomics  is a powerful, authentic, interactive and enthusiastic gathering of existing and aspiring innovators, entrepreneurs, businesses and investors, inspired by the economic philosophies of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the entrepreneurial and collaborative enthusiasm of Dr. Rodney Sampson.

Kingonomics @ The 50th Anniversary of The March on Washington
Investors at Kingonomics

On Friday, August 23rd, 2013, over 100 experts in business and investment and 10,000+ entrepreneurs from across the United States and around the world will converge live-in-person and online to learn, engage, connect and collaborate. Even more than a cutting-edge event, Kingonomics is an experience that leaves you enlightened, exposed, enabled and ready to embrace the entrepreneurial life to which you’ve been entrusted and the definitive purpose to which you’ve been called. Expect an intense, immersive learning and interactive experience, where timely knowledge capital will come from thought leaders who grace our platform, or the person sitting in the seat right next to you. Make it to Kingonomics.

The Curriculum

The Kingonomics Curriculum is divided into four tracks: Start.Up (for entrepreneurs and business owners) | Invest.Up (for investors) | Sprout.Up (for youth and young adults) and Expose.Up (Crowdfunding).Within the tracks, Kingonomics offers a total  twelve bootcamps.


Start.Up Track

  • Start.Up – Designed for new entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • Grow.Up – Designed for growth stage companies.
  • Fund.Up – Designed for fundable companies looking to understand the investment ecosystem and refine their pitch.
  • Epic.Up – Designed for entrepreneurs interested in understanding and breaking into the reality television ecosystem and its impact on women, minorities and poverty.


Invest.Up Track

  • Wealth.Up – Designed to teach the essentials of creating wealth and leaving an inheritance to their children’s children
  • Emerge.Up – Designed for investors interested in understanding and investing in emerging markets and industries
  • Kingdom.Up – Designed to expose pastors and their finance teams to Kingdom based marketplace ministry,  innovation, funding and economic development solutions



  • Crowd.Up – Designed to introduce the viability of donations, debt and equity based crowdfunding as a viable way of raising capital for businesses, non-profits and causes
  • Dream.Up – Designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners



  • Sprout.Up – Designed to introduce youth to the principles of business and entrepreneurship. Designed for youth ages 11-17
  • Code.Up – Designed to introduce youth to computer programming, game development and mobile apps
  • Year.Up – Designed for young adults interested in computer programming, financial literacy and entrepreneurship

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