Kingonomics 2013 isn’t just another conference. It’s a roadmap and launching pad designed to provide small businesses and communities with real life examples, expert knowledge and access to capital necessary to build businesses and companies that create sustainable jobs which lead to the development of sustainable communities. To accomplish this, we are launching the following initiatives and platforms in conjunction with Kingonomics 2013. Net proceeds from the conference revenues will fund these initiatives.

Micro-Lending Initiative 

A definitive outcome of Kingonomics 2013 is to fund and capitalize a micro-loan intermediary center in compliance with Small Business Administration guidelines. It is our 12 month goal to award and service eight (8) small micro-loans and provide ongoing technical assistance; preferably from the pool of registered and qualified businesses.

Learn More About Micro-Lending

Crowdfunding Portal

“Opportunity Hub” is a crowd-funding portal and platform created to provide underrepresented industries, entrepreneurs and communities access to information, tools and capital. Opportunity Hub is the braintrust of Rodney Sampson and James Andrews. All conference registrants that register for the Invest.Up bootcamp will be automatically placed on the crowd-funding platform and walked through the steps of becoming SEC compliant by the anticipated go-live date of June 2013 for securities based crowd-funding.

Register for Invest.Up | Learn More About The JOBS ACT BILLS-112hr3606eh


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