Shark Tank Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

Shark Tank Season Five@Kingonomics Author and Creator, @RodneySampson, joins Mark Burnett’s One Three Media as Executive-In-Charge of Diversity & Inclusion. One Three Media, a joint venture between Mark Burnett Productions and Hearst, produces NBC’s The Voice, Celebrity Apprentice and ABC’s Shark Tank, among other projects and CBS’s Survivor. Sampson is the first person to every serve in this strategic role at One Three Media. One of his first initiatives is to identify and attract more minority and women owned entrepreneurs to pitch on ABC’s Shark Tank.

If you have a hot start-up or existing company and you’d like the opportunity to potentially pitch on ABC’s Shark Tank, please complete the form below. If you experience browser issues, you can also click this link to complete the form as well,


3 thoughts on “Shark Tank Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

  1. Charles Cary says:

    All I need is a chance.

  2. RVM Systems says:

    I am very excited after making my submission on your Shark Tank form. If there are any problems with my submission please feel free to contact me anytime so that I may offer any correction that may be necessary. Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Vanessa Frost says:

    I’m so excited, I just got an email from Shark Tank! Once I submit my documentation, a chance to meet the Sharks! Can’t wait!
    Thank you so much Rodney. My family and I really appreciate this chance to make our dreams come true.

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