Kingonomics Header & Sponsors

[Conference Chairs]

+ Rodney Sampson, CEO, Opportunity CDC & Intellect|Legacy family of companies
Author of Kingonomics: Twelve Innovative Currencies To Transform Your Business & Future, Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Alan Urech, Principal, Stoney River Capital & SVP, 200 Peachtree & 200 Office

Robert Galanti, Lead Investor, Davidsons Downtown & 200 Peachtree

James Andrews, Founder, Social People

Don Cravins, General Counsel & Chief of Staff, The United States Senate Committee on Smal Business and Entrepreneurship

[Conference Co-Chairs]

Sandra Hirschberg

Start.Up | Sandra Hirschberg, Founder, Social Innovation Academy

Chris Tyrrell

Invest.Up | Chris Tyrrell, Managing Partner, Nehemiah Investments

Sprout.Up | Adrienne Lance Lucas, CEO, Keno Foundation

Clyde Anderson

Connect.Up | Clyde Anderson

Win.Up | TBD


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