Powered in collaboration with Independent Youth, a national non-profit organization that educates teen on entrepreneurship through peer to peer teaching methods, Sprout.Up focuses on providing teens with resource that will assist them in finding their passion and launching their business venture on their own.

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The goal of Sprout.Up is for each participant to become more knowledgeable of every facet of entrepreneurship as they learn the power of networking and develop their business idea throughout the day, resulting in an a business pitch and extensive business executive summary.

The all day conferences feature presentations by reputable, successful and engaging teen entrepreneurs. These teen entrepreneurs are flown in from across the country to connect with students while educating them on specific areas of entrepreneurship through interactive break-out-sessions. Sprout.Up is building the future Treps of America and beyond.

codeupSprout.Up focuses on giving high school students various perspectives on entrepreneurship while teaching key entrepreneurial concepts in a hands-on setting. During Sprout.Up, students hear from high profile keynote speakers and participate in specific tracks which focus on fashion, consumer goods and technology. Attendees learn what it takes to build a business in these specific industries. Each break-out session is presented by a nationally-recognized teen entrepreneur (members of IY’s Teen Entrepreneur Network). A VIP networking lunch and panel discussions for parents with entrepreneurs are available.

Sprout.Up participants develop and strengthen their entrepreneurial mindset, increase social and networking skills, and gain an in-depth understanding of entrepreneurship. In cooperation with several local businesses, Sprout.Up has become a unique, educational and engaging conference that inspires teens to discover their passion and become an entrepreneurial-minded individual.

Register your teen to attend our next Sprout.Up conference.



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