“Bishop Sampson has developed a creative use of King’s principles, using his high moral standard to suggest best practices for business.  He raises some prudent ideas worth our consideration.”

Congressman John Lewis
United States Representative
Georgia’s 5th Congressional District
Atlanta, Georgia

“Kingonomics… expands our view of currency and gives us a new paradigm on expected returns.”

Henry Hardin
CEO and President
SCI Companies
Atlanta, Georgia

Kingonomics made me take a deeper look at where we are today and how important Dr. King’s work was to the success of assimilating cultures, education, and financial opportunities to all people today.”

Rick Singer
CEO & Master Coach
The Key Worldwide
Newport Beach, California

“Bishop Rodney Sampson’s KINGONOMICS combines the principles taught by the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and what Sampson has learned as a tremendously successful entrepreneur to produce twelve ‘currencies’ or strategies when practiced, will almost inevitably generate success.  Read this book and remove the words “failure” and “impossible” from your vocabulary.”


Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr.
Presiding Bishop
Church of God In Christ
Los Angeles, California

“On “tomorrow”, many will reflect and say that Bishop Rodney Sampson was a prolific thinker ahead of his time; “Today”, I say, according to 2 Chronicles 20:20, “…Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.” Kingonomics captures a philosophical framework, which if embraced today, will impact your tomorrow and generations to come.”


Bishop Allen T.D. Wiggins
Senior Pastor, The Hope Church
Executive Director, The Village of Orlando
Orlando, Florida

“Bishop Rodney Sampson is a student of life and has mastered many insights into the behavior of mankind, observed as a spiritual minister and a business advisor to many persons. In this book, he translates many of the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King as they may be applied by individuals in our work in this world as participants in the struggle for economic recognition, inclusion and reward.

No science better illustrates the consequences of our actions more than economics. By teaching these lessons with the precepts grounded in our spiritual faith, Bishop Sampson helps clarify our opportunities and responsibilities in “Ceasar’s world” around us. I highly recommend this book to learn more about how to find economic success that is in sync with your spiritual self.”

Charles H. Green
Executive Director
Small Business Finance Institute
Author, Get Financing Now
Atlanta, Georgia

“With Kingonomics, Bishop Sampson has successfully blended together Dr. King’s practical and philosophical approach to economic self-sufficiency.  His clear, crisp and compelling approach is a must read by people wanting to gain knowledge and virtually guarantee results.”

Alan W. Urech
Principal, Stoney River Capital Partners, LLC

“Bishop Rodney Sampson is at once incisive, inspiring and thought-provoking. A superb book that provides unique and compelling insights into the principles of collaborative leadership and strategies for economic success, based on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as applied to today’s business environment. Guaranteed to be a truly rewarding experience for all readers, regardless of background. Highly recommended!”

Andre Bisasor
Founder, Harvard Extension Service & Leadership Society
President, Institute for Negotiation Leadership & Diplomacy
Cambridge, Massachusetts

“Bishop Rodney Sampson has embodied the manifestation of Dr. Martin Luther King’s economic philosophies in his timely prophetic book, Kingonomics. Beyond the book, I know first hand that Bishop Sampson works tirelessly to manifest sound economic and educational based causes that benefit all of humanity. Kingonomics is a great investment.”


Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.
International Presiding Bishop, The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship
Senior Pastor, Changing A Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church
Author, Changing Forward
Atlanta, GA

“Kingonomics is a powerful experience for each person that turns the pages.  The Right Course of Action for Our Economy!”

Derrick Miles
CEO, The Milestone Brand
Author, Superhuman Performance
Nashville, TN


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